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Kiss Mints

Before The Kiss Peppermints come packaged in a reusable tin, beautifully decorated with Klimt’s masterpiece “The Kiss.”


Liquid Courage “Shower Beer” Body

Liquid Courage is more than a mere body wash, it’s an elixir sent directly from the shower gods themselves. Striking the perfect balance of invigorating suds, hydrating ingredients, and light exfoliation you’ll leave the shower knowing that no matter what adventure awaits you — swimming with great whites, free soloing El Cap, or just dealing […]


Mister Rogers Encouragemints

Whether you’re changing into your suit or your cardigan – whether you’re coming home or going out into the neighborhood – you’ll have more confidence with pepperminty fresh breath! Won’t you have one or two Mister Rogers’ Encouragemints!?



How art thou out of breath when thou hast breath. To say to me that thou art out of breath? Speaking of thy breath… how is thy breath? Thou will not have to wait with bated breath and whisp’ring humbleness to speak to thy knave or mistress if thou hast Shakespearmints about thy person. Do […]


Tactical Soap on a Rope

The Tactical Soap on a Rope Scrubbing Pouch from Duke Cannon is engineered with paracord and sturdy mesh to eliminate the slippery fuss of traditional bar soap. A mix of coarse and soft mesh doubles as a scrubber for heels, elbows, and every nook and cranny. Made in United States