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Black & Blue Rub

Our Black & Bleu spice rub is a perfect blend of Cajun blackening spices mixed with creamy bleu cheese for the spicy cheesy flavor of your dreams. This all-natural spice & cheese blend will be your new best friend in the kitchen! And it’s not just a meat rub… use it on potatoes, spice up […]


Black Truffle Sriracha

Who doesn’t love a blend that packs garlic, spice and umami all in one. We’ve combined the iconic flavors of sriracha sauce with the earthy richness of black truffle to give you something delicious to experiment with. Made in United States


Candied Bacon Sriracha

This blend packs the iconic flavor of sriracha sauce blend with honey granules and the essence of bacon. This is the perfect smoky, sweet heat to experiment with in the kitchen.


Citrus Ginger Seasoning

With notes of juniper berry, orange peel, rose petals, ginger, hibiscus, and apricot, this botanical-forward blend is infused with the flavor of New Belgium Brewing’s Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA. Plus, you can layer the flavors with Spiceology’s Hibiscus Habanero, Smoky Honey Habanero or Greek Freak blends.


Danger Close

Our bestseller, Danger Close is a magical blend of red cayenne and orange habanero peppers. We think it’s the perfect sauce for making buffalo wings–it packs a strong cayenne flavor, but also brings a solid backdoor kicker of habanero heat. More heat than our flagship, Dead Red, but it won’t melt your brain like a […]


Dreaded Fisherman Blackout

ingredients: Long Pepper, Black Lava Salt


Dreaded Fisherman Citrus de Provence

ingredients: organic Lemon Thyme, Marjoram, Winter Savory, Orange Peel, Rosemary Leaf, Vane Holy Basil, Tarregon


Dreaded Fisherman Long Pepper Citrus

ingredients: organic Long Pepper Whole, Lemon Thyme, Orange Peel, Kiawe Smoked Sea Salt, Lime Peel Powder


Dreaded Fisherman Spicy Infused Honey

Local Honey infused with Ghost Pepper, Jalapeno, Habanero, Garlic


Flavor Hog Sweet & Spicy

Somehow Chef Chad White has created one more way to make pork even more delicious – and we are here for it. Flavor Hog’s sweet and spicy notes pair perfectly with those fattier pork cuts; gather the wood, pour out the pellets or simply light that grill – it’s time for a porcine party with […]


Grunt Green (formerly Marine Green)

We discovered that green cayenne peppers picked just before they turn red can bring a truly unique, tangy, earthy flavor. Much of the harvesting of the green peppers happens at the end of a growing season when these somewhat stubborn peppers just decide to stay green. Very popular at the breakfast table, the perfect balance […]


Honey Garlic Sriracha

You can never have enough garlic… which is why we’ve added more garlic to the sweet heat of tangy Huy Fong sriracha sauce. But, don’t worry, we added delicious honey granules to create the perfectly balanced blend. Add a tablespoon or two to a simple stir fry. Or add some to panko breadcrumbs to create […]


Honey Mustard IPA Rub

Bitter, floral, earthy, citrusy, piney and fruity, and that’s just the IPA flavors. This complex and perfectly balanced rub, features delicious honey granules and savory, rich dried mustard, too. This sweet and savory rub packs a flavor punch. Rub or Marinade, we say both. That’s right, add this rub to an IPA to create a delicious beer […]