6 Shot Glass Dispenser Gift Set - Mahogany Tray Drinking Set

POURS 6 SHOTS AT ONCE – The Glass Dispenser with six shots will allow you to easily fill up to six shot glasses at once with your favorite beverage and then hold them up, all in one! Fills up multiple shot glasses at one time, saves your time, prevents wastage, or spillages.

WOODEN MAHOGANY TRAY – Unlike other Shot Glass Dispenser out there, Bezrat Dispenser comes with a beautiful mahogany stand Tray. This elegant set takes your home décor to the next level. It will be the beginning of many conversations as your guests gravitate towards the Dispenser.

PARTY WITH FUN – Looking for a trendy and exciting addition for your drinking events? Tired of having to divide your shots and pour multiple cups? Try our new shot dispenser set! Easily fill the 6 shot cups with your favorite cocktail in one simple pouring using this liquor dispenser.