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“We the People”

One of a kind custom piece made from American Walnut. Image is cut through and filled with epoxy. This is a piece of art and can be mounted to a wall, hung from ceiling or mounted as a bar top. Lenth 94″ Width 24″ (average) Height 2″


24″ Sea Life in Coral

Crafted from recycled 55-gallon steel drums by village artisans in Haiti, these stunning pieces of art are truly one of a kind. The process of turning sheets of metal into beautiful art is all done by hand. Steel drums used to transport oil into the capital of Haiti are cut, the oil is burned off […]


6 Shot Glass Dispenser Gift

POURS 6 SHOTS AT ONCE – The Glass Dispenser with six shots will allow you to easily fill up to six shot glasses at once with your favorite beverage and then hold them up, all in one! Fills up multiple shot glasses at one time, saves your time, prevents wastage, or spillages. WOODEN MAHOGANY TRAY […]


Airplane Decanter Set

Globe decanter comeswith 4 glasses and whiskey rocks. Adventurer meets connoisseur with this artfully detailed antique ship set in a airplane flying inside a globe decanter with matching glasses. Set on a beautiful mahogany-stained wooden display, this sideways-set decanter offers a touch of sleek modern to a classic and tasteful design. Dimension: 11″ x 12″ […]


Airplane Whiskey Decanter Globe Gift

INCLUDES: Set includes whisky globe decanter (850ml–28 oz) with 2 matching globe design old fashioned whiskey glasses (300ml–10 oz) fitted onto a mahogany wooden Boeing 747 airplane (L: 19″ – W: 17″ – H: 11″). Fill it with whiskey, bourbon, scotch, alcohol, vodka, soda, liquor, wine, cocktails etc. and SEE THEM SHINE THRU THIS LEAD-FREE […]


Cindy Allbritton

Original Oil on Cavas. Cindy is a local artist that often paints Florida landscapes with photo realiam that is amazing.


Cindy Allbritton “Anna Maria Island”

Original Oil on Cavas. Cindy is a local artist that often paints Florida landscapes with photo realiam that is amazing.


Colored Globe Decanter on Wood

✔ ENHANCE YOUR HOME BAR with this unique complete elegant whisky decanter set, includes an etched gold globe decanter masterly arranged on a CLASSIC MAHOGANY WOODEN TRAY ✔ CELEBRATE WITH A SOPHISTICATED GIFT! The perfect way to acknowledge a family member’s special triumphs, celebrate a birthday… praise a job well done… reward a goal achieved… […]


Crab Pot

Size: 18" x 18"


Dive Map


Dog Map


Elizabeth Mitchell “Free Bird”

Elizabeth Michell is a local artist out of Tampa. Her work is in many private and corporate collections. white 100% silk is pinned to a frame. The lines are drawn with gutta resist, which creates a dam in the silk to separate the fibre-reactive dyes which are hand applied by brush. The silk is steamed for […]